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When I first started performing Intuitive Stories, 20 years ago in London, I would start the evening off a bit like a magician.

I’d ask everyone there to think of the theme that they would most like to hear a story about. Then everyone would write their theme on a piece of paper and all the pieces would go into a hat. I’d then ask someone to pick one at random to find our theme for the evening.

We’d all discuss it until the room was thick with this topic and all the questions it brought up. And that was the ground for the story I told.

Going through this process I always felt that it was not a new thing that we were doing. Rather, we were retracing something quite ancient in ourselves. I imagined our ancestors, living tribally in small bands, generating stories in a similar way. Their tales would probably take much longer to germinate, but the concerns of the tribe, the challenges they were facing, the mysteries they wondered about, would all be the soil from which their stories would spring.

I’ve always thought of storytelling as a collective process. The teller is not only telling, but ideally listening to his audience. It’s out of that mutual sensitivity that the story emerges.

I’d like to try something similar online now. I’m calling it an “Online Story Circle”. It’s free, and you are cordially invited!

The theme is “Belonging”. I’ve created a form with four simple questions for you to answer on this topic. It could take just a few minutes for you to fill in, or longer if you want to dig deeper into the questions.

I’ll also be hosting a free call on Tuesday 18th July at 8pm UK time to explore this theme in conversation together. The call will last 45 minutes.

I’ll take all the written responses and all that comes up on the call and ask my inner guidance for a story that speaks to this theme, and to the hearts of everyone who participated.

You can fill in the form, or attend the call, or both.

Once I have created a polished audio recording of the story I’ll send it along to you.
You’ll have been part of creating it, and hopefully you will find yourself and your questions about this theme reflected back to you in some way in the story.

We all need this kind of mythic reflection, wherein our innermost longings and musings can have space to be heard and responded to. How often do you give yourself space to dream and be nurtured in this way? Stories provide us with a unique way of getting closer to what is true for us.

I hope you will join me! Let’s be tribe together, briefly, and reactivate that ancient attunement we all share, to one another, to the unknown, and to the mythic realm.

Sign up for the Story Circle here.

Best wishes,


PS If you’d like to learn how to tell your own intuitive stories, take a look at my Services page for details of my Intuitive Storytelling trainings.

You can also learn in person with me in Oslo, Norway on 12+13th August. See here for more details and to book.

I’ll also be performing an evening of Storytelling and Songs with my wife Sundara on 9th and 11th August at two different venues in Oslo. See my Events page for more details and to book.


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