Our inner fire can change the world

Since January this year, Catherine Cadden has been busy. A lot of organisations in her home state of Vermont have been ringing up and asking for training in Nonviolence in response to the current momentous and disturbing shift in US politics.

They are looking for a way of taking political action that doesn’t perpetuate the old story of “us versus them”. Nonviolence, which has ancient roots but whose modern day proponents include Ghandi, Thoreau and Martin Luther King, offers a way for people to respond to social injustice while drawing on their deepest spiritual values and inner strength.

There can sometimes seem to be quite a disconnect between “inner life” and “daily life”. Meditation can at times seem like a withdrawal from the world and its problems. But people like Catherine show that the opposite can be the case. I’ve known her for many years and she combines great inner alignment with an enormous capacity to act. What enables that outer activity to be so effective is that her inner values are in no way compromised by the form her outer action takes. Rather, the inner values fuel the outer expression.

Isn’t that what our world needs now? That we would all draw deep of our own inner wisdom and find a way of expressing that in the world, to help steer humanity away from destructive choices towards the better world we all dream is possible?

I spoke in depth with Catherine about nonviolence, as well as her experiences on the front line of activism and social change. And then I told an intuitive story inspired by our conversation. This is my latest “audio learning package” and concludes with both of us reflecting on the story, and how it took us deeper into the topic.

You can access the audio learning package for free here.

I’m hoping that this combination of heart-felt conversation and intuitive storytelling will help you dream into how you could express your own inner fire as positive outer change.

For more information about Catherine’s work see her website here. She and her husband, Jesse Wiens, run trainings in nonviolence and Nonviolent Communication worldwide as well as online.

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