Making space for your purpose

We are renovating our new home at the moment, an old Victorian house that needs a lot of updating. It’s an engrossing and enjoyable project, but it’s also very distracting. Every day there are key decisions to be made that need my attention urgently. It’s been a struggle to find enough space for my creative work.

And that matters, because it seems that creativity, or indeed any work which springs from a deep sense of purpose, requires time to focus, without distraction. I need empty space to drop deeper, to allow my creativity to flow and my intuition to guide me.

And yet recently I’ve realised that even when I clear my morning, tidy my desk and focus fully on my work, there’s still something in the way.

And that’s my desire to control what happens next with my creative work, with Stories of the Journey Home and all my other projects; my desire to plan and be in charge of how it all pans out.

I think it’s always been this way for me. The deepest longings are the ones which generate the strongest desire to be in charge. The brighter my life’s purpose burns inside, the more I attempt to control the way it comes out, to ensure its success.

But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that I can’t serve my soul’s purpose and stay in charge of how it pans out. It’s not enough that I let go in the moment of telling a story, I also need to let go of the plans, wishes and hopes I have for that story, and indeed for all my storytelling work. In that place of letting go I need to listen to the whisperings of my intuition and follow the hunches and the hits, act on what feels like the next thing to be done, and let go of outcomes.

I took this dilemma to my inner storyteller recently and asked for a story to shine a light upon it. What came was a touching tale of an angel who chooses to take on human form in an attempt to help the suffering of humanity, only to get caught up in her humanness and forget her divinity.

And yet it is in taking the journey of remembrance that she finds her purpose: to remind humanity of its hidden light.

I believe we all have that purpose buried inside us: to free remember our true nature, not just for our own liberation, but for all humanity.

If you want to live closer to this part of yourself, let the audio story take you there. By immersing yourself in a story on this theme you bring it more alive in your awareness, and make it easier to remember your own purpose.

It’s not enough that we clear away the distractions and make time for our purpose. Ultimately we need to clear away our plans, our desire to control, and let our purpose work through us unimpeded, doing what it needs to do, not what we think will work out best.
The Angel’s Flight – A story about remembering our purpose


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