My favourite flavour

What’s your favourite thing of all?

Here’s a sweet little story for young children, all about the most important things in life.

I told this story to my daughter when she was four years old and it’s all about a little girl whose mummy goes off to buy her ice-cream.

“What flavour would you like?” says her mummy.

Strawberry!!” squeals the girl.

“And if they haven’t got strawberry, what flavour would you like?”

The girl thinks for a moment, and then chirps “Vanilla!!

“And if they haven’t got vanilla…” and so the game goes, until the girl has gone through all her favourite flavours and can’t think of any more…. “uh… if they haven’t got Coconut then I’d like… I’d like… uhhmm… I’d like a hug!” she beams.

“A what?” says her mummy, rather baffled.

“A hug!” says the girl triumphantly, “that’s my favourite thing of all!”

“Okay,” says her mother, resuming the game. “And if they haven’t got a hug, what would you like?”

“A kiss!” says the girl.

“And if they haven’t got a kiss…” and on the game goes, until the girl has listed all her favourite things. Eventually her mother goes off to buy her the ice cream that started the game off in the first place, and the girl goes into a kind of reverie…

“But what’s my favourite thing of all?” she wonders out loud. “what’s my favourite thing of all….?”

I’ll leave you to guess what that is, or listen to the story! You can find it here on Palace of Stories.

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