The living water is amazingly close

A mutual friend introduced me to Sarah Hutchinson and we had a deep and inspiring conversation recently. Sarah is a teacher of what she calls “yoga beyond the poses” and speaks of her work as teaching people how to bring spirituality into their daily life.

For most of my adult life I had a split in my mind between “spirituality” and everything else, as if what I was doing the rest of the time was not spiritual. I didn’t make this idea up, it has deep roots in our culture. The whole concept of “heaven” as being somewhere other than “the world” is a pillar of the worldview we’ve all inherited.

So sages would retreat from the world and meditate in caves, monasteries would be built on remote islands, as if the daily life the rest of the population was living made any sort of revelation and awakening impossible.

I loved the way Sarah doesn’t buy all that. She enjoys pointing out the many ways we can find the sacred in our daily lives, and within ourselves.

Inspired by our conversation, I told a story about a girl who drinks water from a high mountain spring that is so pure that that she finds it impossible to drink ordinary water again.

She spends most of her childhood with a raging thirst, quenched only briefly by climbing trees in the forest to lick dew from the leaves at dawn. In the end she discovers that such water can be found incredibly near by, accessed by the most ordinary of acts.

Sarah and I talked about how to transform daily life with simple acts that reveal the quiet places in our day, and within ourselves, that might previously have been hiding in plain site.

Our conversation, and the story that follows on from it, form my latest “audio learning package”. I’m hoping that this combination of heart-felt conversation and intuitive storytelling will help you dream into how you could bring more spaciousness and enchantment into your daily life. You can access it for free here.

For more information about Sarah’s work, see her website here.



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