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A Story for You

What if you could receive a custom story told just for you, addressing exactly where you are in your life, in mythological language?

You might have tried various therapies as a way of understanding yourself better, but often such approaches keep you on the surface of your mind. They don’t help you drop to your hidden depths. And actually, the deeper below the surface we go, the harder it is to understand in rational terms what we find there. And this is because our hidden depths are not rational.

People have understood this for thousands of years. And we have always understood that one of the best ways of engaging with this kind of inner mystery is Story. We have developed mythology, a whole language of symbolism and metaphor, as a way of addressing our own hidden and obscure depths. Stories allow us to immerse ourselves in mystery, without needing to understand it through a rational, logical process.

So if you are struggling to understand why your life looks as it does, or why certain things bother you, or why your fulfillment feels elusive to you, then a story that’s told specifically for you can be an amazingly powerful way of helping you understand what’s going on.

The Power of Perspective

Perspective can be transformative. A road map helps you see where you are from a different viewpoint (i.e. from above rather than from the level of the road). In just the same way, mythological insight delivered through a story gives you a completely different perspective on where you are. It allows you to see the conditions of your life in a totally different way. And that itself can be transformative because it changes your understanding of what’s going on, and your new understanding will change the actions you take next.

Having my own story told to me by Leo was a powerful and transformative experience that helped to deepen my awareness of where I was at during a particularly dark and difficult period.

First of all, the very fact of having a story told ‘just for me’ was a gift in itself – it was making a commitment to myself and to the journey I am on in life. The safe and containing way that Leo prepared me for the event felt very nurturing; it even took me back to being a child, when having stories told in a safe and comfy environment was an everyday event!

The story itself contains many profound teachings, and elements of it float back to me almost daily when I need some clarity about a situation, or just to remind me of something I really need to learn on this life path. Phrases or images return again and again, but in such a gentle way that even the hardest lessons are okay.

Stella Davies,
Dramatherapist, London.

Is this you?

  • You are always wanting to understand yourself and your life better.
  • You are on a path of personal development, whether in therapy or using other modalities.
  • You are a spiritual seeker, wanting to get closer to the truest, most sacred part of yourself.
  • You often use symbolism and metaphors to help you navigate your life.
  • or… you are simply curious, a story lover, or just someone who’s been enjoying the stories you’ve heard from me so far, and wanting to see your life with new eyes.

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, you are sure to benefit from a Story for You.

How it works

We’ll meet online, using skype, or in-person if you live near my home in Devon.

To begin, I’ll ask you what it is that you want to explore.

  • You are at a crossroads, and seeking clues for which direction to take next.
  • You are wanting to understand yourself better.
  • You are struggling with a specific problem inside yourself.
  • You are struggling with a specific life circumstance.
  • Or anything else you want to explore.

We will speak about this for about 20-30 minutes. During this time what I’ll be seeking to do is to take us both to what I call The Story Ground.

The Story Ground

Now, The Story Ground is a place where the stories are just waiting to be heard. You could almost imagine it like a deep dark forest, where the stories are just ripe, they are behind every bush, they are in the earth itself, they’re waiting in the branches of the trees. In that kind of sacred ground, whatever we present can be spoken to with a story. Whatever it is in our lives that we are struggling with, we’ll receive just the right story. We only need to find our way to The Story Ground by framing our questions in the right way.

And that’s what I’ll be doing during our preparatory time together. I’ll be helping you to frame your question in such a way that makes it really amenable to a story, that gives the story-wisdom a way of addressing what it is that you’re struggling with. So once we’ve really laid the ground like that, I will then tell you a story.

Your Story

I might play my guitar to accompany the story. You’ll be able to see me while I’m telling the story and I’ll tell it directly to you. You can keep your eyes open or you can close them, it really doesn’t matter. I’ll make an audio recording of the story so that whenever you want you can listen back to it again. This is really important because stories work best with multiple listenings and time to think about, to dream about, what came in the story.

And then when I’m done with the story we’ll briefly check in with each other, and share how that was to listen and how it was to tell. After the session I’ll send you the audio recording.

The session lasts about 75 minutes, although it can run a little shorter or longer due to the unpredictability of stories and how long they take to tell(!).

The story is yours to keep. Although I retain the copyright, it’s not something I would use for any other purpose, it’s just for you. It will remain completely private between us.

In the weeks following the story you are welcome to email me with any more that comes up to express about your theme, and how the story’s medicine has been working in you.

Potential benefits of this process:

  • Perspective on your problems that enables you to see them from a new angle and thus to take new action.
  • ‘Mythological witnessing’ in some tender places, that allows you to feel seen in a deep way, creating healing.
  • Symbols and metaphors that will stay with you for a long time, helping you digest what’s challenging for you and move past your obstacles.
  • A playful, fresh way of looking at yourself and your life that will invite you to live more lightly.
Shayla WrightThe session I had with Leo, and the story that he created intuitively out of our conversation touched and surprised me. I felt a deep resonance in his story with the underlying themes, challenges, gifts and key images in my life. I experienced myself being seen, through the story, on an essential or soul level of my being. I recommend this process with Leo to anyone who wants a wider and deeper vision of their life, and direct contact with their own evolutionary energy.

Shayla Wright, Vancouver.

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The fee for this service is £125.

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