About Leo Sofer

Even as a teenager I could see that something important was missing. I was waking up to an ocean of wonder and depth within myself, and yet noticing that the culture around me had different priorities. Where were the stories celebrating the limitless potential I was glimpsing inside?

After some searching I discovered mythology, and found that human beings weren’t as strange as I had thought. We had always had stories about the inner life, and those stories had often been central to the cultures that had come before us. What was strange was the way the modern world had turned its back on all that.

I spent several years studying European folktales and became a storyteller. I wanted to learn in-depth the ways we used to enchant one another with stories. I gave over two thousand storytelling performances in hundreds of schools throughout England. But then, something really unexpected happened…

Blue Star 4 edited 2, smallThe stories started coming by themselves! As I saw vivid scenes progressing in my mind’s eye, and heard verbal cues from my inner voice, new stories that were both magical and surprising would come tumbling out of me! Although I never knew what was coming next, I was amazed to find that the stories were well structured and had a beautiful and uplifting teaching.

Telling these stories is like standing at the edge of a mysterious ocean of wonder and depth and great beauty. I throw open my arms and wait, and the stories that come are utterly unknown to me. My job is only to find the words for what I’m receiving.

I’ve recorded thousands of these “intuitive stories” in the last 20 years. I’ve told them to my own kids, and for audiences of both adults and children in many diverse settings. The stories adapt to whoever is listening, and respond to the needs that are present, in a way that continues to amaze me.

In 2010 I began teaching Intuitive Storytelling, and was surprised to find how easily people could pick it up. The truth is, we can all tell stories, and given the right context, we can all tune into the wisdom inside us. I teach people how to come to that place of utter mystery in themselves, to be a willing servant of the unknown, transparent to the beauty and wonder within.

I was a trainer of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) from 2003 until 2012, certified by the international Centre for NVC. I offered hundreds of trainings and private sessions in that modality. That experience has helped me to offer intuitive storytelling trainings and private sessions with an appropriate level of care and sensitivity.

Leo and Sundara cropped, Spain 2015More about me? I play several musical instruments, including the accordion. I met my wife Sundara at a musical event where we were both playing our accordions. Within a few seconds of meeting we had discovered that we both shared an unusual passion for a particular album of a little-known Portuguese band! To this day, we still play accordion duets of songs from that album. We are currently writing songs together which weave in and out of the stories I tell. We live in Devon, England with our two children, Luke and Lara.

Sundara drew the illustration for this site, and the Stories of the Journey Home logo is an Astrolabe, which Portuguese sailors would use to navigate by the stars. The ship at the bottom of this page is a Portuguese Caravel, from that same era. Navigating by the heavens seems a fitting visual representation for this work.

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