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Deepening Group

Would you like to deepen your practice of Intuitive Storytelling?

A six week online course for those who have already learned Intuitive Storytelling with me.

We’ll explore:

  • Deepening your relationship with intuition, so that it feels like a more and more solid connection that can enable you to tell stories with depth and wisdom.
  • Becoming more familiar with the mythic realm, so that your intuition can work through you more fluently and create more and more colourful stories.
  • Allowing the stories to flow, despite your mind’s objections, so that you can get out of the way to let material through that is surprising, fresh and has things to teach you and others.
  • Preparing yourself optimally for a story so that you are undistracted by your emotions and thoughts and can give the story your full attention.
  • Using stories to help guide your own inner journey, so that whatever you are facing in your life you can turn to your inner storyteller and get symbolic and mythic guidance, and a larger perspective on your challenges.
  • Growing in your capacity to tell stories for others, groups or individuals, so that you can share your deepest inspirations with others, allowing them to embrace a larger picture of life that is healing and transformative.

We’ll meet online using Zoom, and each session will last 90 minutes and be a mix of teaching, practice and Q&A. There will lots of practice and the option for further partner work outside of the class for those who want to maximise their learning and the opportunity of a group context.

Six consecutive Tuesdays:
10th, 17th, 24th, 31st October and 7th, 14th November. 14.30 to 16.00 UK time.

Cost £100
Contact me here if you’d like to join and I’ll send you payment details.
Any questions? Ask me here.