Intuitive Storytelling Bonus Learning Package #3 Your Relationship With Intuition

Becoming an intuitive storyteller involves caring for our relationship with our inner guidance. I discussed this topic with voice therapist, Anita van der Meer.

In our conversation we explore:

  • The importance of discernment when following inner guidance.
  • Why we misinterpret intuitive messages, especially when they pertain to things in our personal life.
  • The ways that an intuition can “ring true”, or not.

Sometimes when people open up to an intuitive, spiritual connection, they can lose touch with reality and become ungrounded. We talk about how to keep our balance and build a strong and durable relationship with our intuition.

The story I then tell touches on themes of:

  • Staying true to ourselves, whatever situation we are in.
  • How to listen, and respond, to the deepest intuitive urges we feel.
  • How our creativity is not truly for us, but has a wider purpose in the world.

Title: The House of Glass
Synopsis: A boy is possessed of an unstoppable urge to create works of art out of stained glass, using whatever scraps he can find. When he is taken in by a master craftsman and gains access to his vast stock of glass, the work he creates has a shatteringly powerful effect upon the viewer, stripping them of all their ideas of who they think they are. Only then does the master realise the danger they are both in….

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anita picAnita van der Meer works as a psychosomatic voice therapist in the Netherlands, specialising in using the voice as a diagnostic as well as a balancing instrument. Trained as a singer and speech therapist she has made an in-depth study of voice and its influence on the body & mind, the emotions and even on the deepest awareness of Self. She has trained as Stimmpedagoge at the Lichtenberger Institut für Stimmpedagogiek in Germany.

As Anita says “our voice reveals a deep truth about ourselves that our words cannot. It is a way of accessing our truth, without the distortion of the mind.” She has for many years been a therapist, trainer and coach and offers her expertise to companies as well as individuals all over the world.