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Intuitive Storytelling Training

Would you like to tap into an endless source of creativity, playfulness and inner wisdom?

  • This training was offered online in March 2017, and will not be offered online again until Spring 2018.
  • I can also teach you Intuitive Storytelling one to one, or if you want to organise your own group, online or in person, contact me here.

The Intuitive Storytelling training will open the doors to a rich inner landscape of stories. It would be ideal for…

  • Healers and therapists who want to bring storytelling into their work
  • Public speakers, leaders and performers who want to express themselves with more openness and intuition
  • Artists who want to give in more to their creative flow
  • Authors and other storytellers who want to approach story-making from a new angle
  • Story-lovers who want to bathe more deeply in story-waters

Is this you?

You are a healer or therapist, and sometimes you want a more intuitive way of communicating with your clients.

If you find that your clients can sometimes get stuck at an overly rational level and would like to give them a fresh perspective on their problems, then telling them an intuitive story that’s just for them can help you both drop to a deeper level.

The symbols and metaphors of the language of fairy tales, an ancient vocabulary that we have all inherited, provide an ideal way of taking a fresh look at what is in our way, blocking our path.

By learning to tell stories that respond to your clients and the issues they struggle with, you add another dimension to your healing art. In the process you get to discover your own inner storyteller, a source of creative and healing energy that flows through you to your clients.

You are a public speaker, leader or performer wanting to show up for your audience with more presence and intuition.

Your ability to inspire with your words rests very much on your authentic presence. This, however, is not something that you can grow through an act of will-power. Rather, it involves vulnerability, which allows for a transparency to the deeper intelligence inside you. Your ability to transmit this deeper intelligence is what will make you a compelling and inspiring presence on stage.

Unfortunately, the very fact of being on stage in front of others can lead us in the opposite direction, towards a professionalism and slick presentation that obscures rather than reveals our hidden depths. Your audience might be impressed, but they won’t be uplifted. If you want to inspire people and to keep inspiring yourself by the way you show up on stage, then you’ll need to find a way of undoing the professionalism, exposing more of your innate brilliance, and giving from a place of transparency.

Learning intuitive storytelling can give you a feel for your inner landscape, in a playful and safe context. By giving your inner world the reins, you learn to listen very carefully inside. This is the beginning of transparency. By admitting that you don’t know what comes next, you play on the edges of vulnerability, which is the doorway to inner strength. You might not be telling intuitive stories on stage at the end of this training, but your presence will be fuller and more authentic, your speaking more inspired.

You are an artist, wanting to open more deeply to the creative energy inside.

You already have a relationship to your creative energy. It’s probably something you’ve been conscious of, and maybe even consciously working with, for a while. Intuitive storytelling helps you nurture that relationship, to make it stronger and more constructive.

Your creative energy wants to engage with you in a productive and fruitful relationship. It’s not some random thing that just pops in when you are lucky, or comes in when you are distracted, or happens when you are drunk or on the edge or doing yourself harm.

It can be more conscious than that. Because your inner wisdom wants to express itself through you, all that’s required is that you show up and stop insisting on being in control. Your creative flow doesn’t require you to be fractured, but rather requires you to be whole, and invites you to a greater and greater wholeness.

This is a different approach to creativity than is taught in many places. If your soul is aching from the way you’ve been taught to be creative, from the way you or others have judged your creative work, then you’ll find a balm here. This work is very much about healing and nurturing your inner life in a conscious way, such that you can become a channel for a higher wisdom and a creative spirit that you can direct however you like, in whatever art form you are engaged in.

You are a “Story Native”; a storyteller, screenwriter or author.

You’re already engaged in creating narrative, and you’re looking for more ways of playing in story-waters.

Intuitive storytelling opens you up to a primal space inside, a place of creative unknowing. It requires you to be very, very empty; innocent, spacious and allowing. It invites you to be a fool; to step beyond your comfort zone into the unknown. This space is crackling with stories, waiting to be told.

By working with intuition, with the spoken word, and with the language of fairy tales, you might find new ways of accessing Story than you have tried before. This training provides a safe space in which you can stretch your story-muscles and deepen your relationship with the story-realms.

You are a story-lover who wants to engage more deeply with the magic of Story.

You find that the language of mythology and fairy tales works especially well for you in making sense of your inner world. You love symbolism and metaphor and often use them as signposts to navigate important turnings in your life. You feel at home in the mythic realm.

Intuitive storytelling allows you to deepen your relationship with the mythic realm, and to make it personal. You will learn how to bring the deepest questions and inner dilemmas to this place, and to receive personalised, intuitive stories in response.

Your own inner storyteller has always been waiting to bring you stories. After this training you won’t need to look outside for the myths that fit your own inner landscape. You can learn to listen to that inner landscape, and to divine the stories it has always been waiting to tell you.

What this training will give you

  • Get familiar with the language of fairy tales, so that you can use rich symbolism and metaphors to bring your stories to life.
  • Learn to express yourself with emotional honesty, so that both you and your listeners can relax.
  • Develop your inner sensitivity, so that you can hear and see the stories your intuition is bringing you.
  • Work on your relationship to your intuition, so that it can become a collaborative creative partnership.
  • Tell Intuitive Stories in a variety of modes, to really solidify your learning and give you a sustainable practice once the course is over.

The workshop with Leo was fantastic! I´m not an experienced storyteller, but I learned so many useful things at the workshop. I was amazed that I was able to tell stories that made sense, after just one day. I have also used these techniques in an intuitive music concert, and in my writing process, and they have worked great!

Marianne Jørgensen, Oslo, Norway


  • This training was offered online in March 2017, and will not be offered online again until Spring 2018.
  • I can also teach you Intuitive Storytelling one to one, or if you want to organise your own group, online or in person, contact me here.
Dear Leo,
Ton KooimanThank you so much for taking me on your wonderful journey into the mystical land of Intuitive Storytelling. It means the beginning of a wild ride into the deepest parts of my being, unequalled by any other ways I met before.
You have the perfect skills to guide the novice to become an open channel to allow passing on the gifts Source shares with us, for the creation of a better world, by giving the Intuitive Storytelling courses.

Ton Kooiman, Netherlands