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We live in a culture with a dysfunctional mythology. Many of the stories that now surround us convey messages about life, and about ourselves, that are anything but life-serving. Do any of these strike a chord with you?

  • You do not want to buy into the consumerism and materialism that surrounds you. Everyone seems to be obsessed with looks, and status, and money, and success, and you don’t want to be a slave to those things. You want to know your own worth regardless of what others think, and find a truer way of evaluating your identity and purpose.
  • You worry at the way the world is speeding up, all in the name of efficiency and “progress”. The more wizzy our gadgets get, the more frazzled our nervous systems become. You don’t want to be swept up in all this over-stimulation, and yet it’s not always easy. You have a deep longing for peace and stillness inside, and every time you are brought back there, you remember how essential it is to your wellbeing.
  • Blue Star 5 edited, smallYour heart aches at how human beings have separated themselves from nature and now dominate, exploit and pollute the world we all share. You know in your bones that we don’t need to live this way. You carry a vision of interconnection that you long to see reflected in the culture around you, in which we care for the world around us, and know our intimate connection to the cosmos.
  • You’ve been given the idea that the thing you are most longing for is out there somewhere, in relationships, in possessions, in accomplishments. Chasing after these things has started to feel wearisome, however, and you recognise that it’s time to stop. You want to bring yourself more fully to the here and now, and to cultivate appreciation and gratitude for what is actually present in your life.
  • You were taught early on to repress your pain and the habit stuck for a long time, especially as most people around you seemed to be doing the same. But now you notice there are some areas of your life where you feel shut down and numb. You want the courage and support to face reality fully, so that the sweet flow of love can bless your life and all your relationships.

Blue Star 7 edited, smallThe stories we hear speak directly to our subconscious mind, and help us form a map of reality by which we navigate. Wouldn’t you want the stories you hear to affirm life-serving values, and help you orient towards your heart’s desire?

People who can best benefit from this work include…

  • helping professionals and people working in the healing arts
  • artists, musicians, actors and writers
  • communicators, public speakers, teachers, leaders and educators
  • people who practice meditation or other self development practices
  • people struggling with illness, anxiety or emotional distress
  • parents, and elders


  • value being in touch with their emotions
  • want to live wholeheartedly and courageously
  • feel a connection to the sacred
  • are dreaming of a different future, a better world
  • wish to create a new and healthier culture
  • want to live in harmony with nature, respecting all life
  • have a willingness to face their shadows, and move beyond the limitations of their conditioning

Journey Star 7 copy smallSometimes inner work can seem like so much hard work. How much easier to be taken by the hand and led inside by a story! Sign up here and get your first free story now.

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