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Mentoring in Intuitive Storytelling

Would you like support and guidance in deepening your practice of Intuitive Storytelling?

You’ve already learned Intuitive Storytelling with me and you want to take things deeper.

Is this you?

  • You are a healer or therapist and you are using Intuitive Storytelling to create custom-made stories for your clients, offering them reflection, insight and healing.
  • You are a parent, and are already experiencing the magic of telling intuitive stories to your children, expressing your values in the language they understand best: the language of fairy tales.
  • You are an educator, creating intuitive stories for your students which complement and enhance the content you have to share.
  • You are a public speaker, actor or performer and this work is helping you show up with more presence and intuition on stage.
  • You are an artist and Intuitive Storytelling gets you in touch with your inspiration and creative flow in new and satisfying ways.
  • You are an author, screenwriter or storyteller and Intuitive Storytelling is richly augmenting your work, stimulating new pathways into the mythic realms.
  • Or, Intuitive Storytelling is for you an inspiring new path of personal and spiritual development which helps you develop your intuition and inner connection and brings a meaningful process of self reflection and insight.

How It Works

The sessions last an hour. We meet online, or in-person if you live near my home in Devon. Here are some of the things we could do in our session.

You will tell me an intuitive story. This is tender work, but I hold a big empathic space for you to splash around in story-waters. And I love listening to intuitive stories!

Sometimes you will set the theme, other times I will set the theme. Sometimes we will choose themes to stretch you on a technical level, to extend your range and skill. Other times we’ll choose themes that address where you are on your journey. Or we’ll work together on creating stories for the people you wish to serve with your storytelling.

You will retell an intuitive story that you have already told once, to refine your ability to hone your material and present it to your listeners.

You’ll bring questions, both technical and personal, that are arising in your ongoing practice of intuitive storytelling.

Benefits of Mentoring in Intuitive Storytelling

  • Refining your practice of emotional honesty, so that when you engage in this work you are a clear vessel, ready for whatever story needs to be told, not preoccupied with trying to hide things from yourself or others.
  • Becoming more sensitive to your inner landscape, so that you can follow your inner guidance rather than your mind’s desire to control, and deepen into the relationship with your Inner Storyteller.
  • Embracing the path of the fool by making the unknown more important than the known, and trusting what is coming in this moment rather than trying to figure out where it will lead next.
  • Deepening your connection with the mythic realm, so that you can draw on the symbols and metaphors that help you and others make sense of life at the times when “facts” and reasoning don’t help.
  • Honing your practical application of this subtle art, using Intuitive Storytelling in whatever contexts you are drawn to, while taking meticulous care of the inner connection that makes this work possible.
  • Learning storytelling tips and tricks, so that you can present your stories with flair.
  • Clarifying and creating the stories you need to tell for your own healing and evolution, and for the healing and evolution of your family, your community and your clients.
Leo’s passion for storytelling was clear and inspiring – and the guidance to listen to the callings from within was expertly and sensitively explained. He made it easy to drop from the intellect into intuition – in a non-judgemental way towards self. Everything felt very balanced. He was compassionate, caring and attentive to people’s sharings. He was always able to respond – to support people in whatever was happening with them – and reflected it beautifully. No shame. All compassion and excellent tips for better practice, helping each find their way on their path – whatever level they are practicing at. So supportive and encouraging this lost art. Thank you a million times.

Chetna Lawless, Lyme Regis, England.

Any questions? Ask me here.

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Single sessions: £80
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