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The Power of Stories: rediscovering the mythic realm

The Power of Stories - spiral illustration

Part of us always lives in the mythic realm.

Just as a part of our being is always involved in circulation, and another part of us is always involved in respiration, there is always a part of our being that’s involved with Stories. The mythic realm has always been a bridge between our everyday consciousness and the unknown, irrational, undigested mystery within.

How often are you conscious of this part of yourself?

Is it getting all the attention it needs from you?

The Power of Stories - spiral illustration

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Here’s what others have said.

“Thank you Leo, you have such a gift! Story telling is in our soul and there are so many average story tellers out there (mainly the visual film variety) and so to know you are crafting such deep nourishing stories for us is sooo inspiring and I am so grateful. Thank you…”

Nina Dobson

“I so love your interviews and the stories that emerge from them. Thank you for sharing so generously! As always…food for thought. So grateful that you are in the world doing this joyful, soulful work!”

Donna Powers

“I have LOVED your blog ever since I found it. Thank you! For all you do and are. I find that your stories truly transport me to another place inside, where I find an answer that I often didn’t know I was seeking. So important in our world.”

Corva Rose

Every story of yours touches me, Leo, and the touching itself is the healing. Thanks!

Dorothee Giffhorn

I LOOOOOOVE your stories, Leo! Such beauty! And I always feel gently touched by spirit.

Maira Jorba Galdos

Wow, you deserved my full attention, and I sincerely enjoyed listening, and took the time for it, while relaxing. Soothing! big thanks…

Niels Kuipers

Such a Fantastic Intuitive Story. My Heart Sings! It has a message for everyone. I’m really looking forward to your next filmed story!


Incredible story Leo, really emphasizes getting out of our own way, of how we co-create with the universe and how we are all connected even to that place of spirit. I know this story has planted seeds and it will go deeper as time goes on, I look forward to your next video entry!


Thank you for this beautiful story Leo. It resonates with me as I listen to my own heart lately and really listen to my patients and their families as a nurse. I catch glimpses of being connected and a part of the whole when I listen in that way. It helped me acknowledge my gifts.


The symbolism and timing of this particular story is for me, beyond amazing. Thank you for this story. I have cried on the shore of this beautiful lake long enough. Now it is time to rise and share the Joy and Love that lives along the Lake’s path.

Patricia LaVallee

Beyond Beautiful!! Was just discussing this concept with a friend today! Going to send her a link to the story as it is a much more eloquent and moving description than I was able to make. I heard of you via Mark Silver and LOVED your story of the marketplace you did for him. I found it incredibly healing. I cried. Anyhow, enjoying more of your work now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Katy DeBra