What stories are you navigating by?

From the very earliest times, human beings have used stories to navigate life: to define who they are, where they belong and what the purpose of life is.

But the modern world is awash with stories, some of which are anything but life-serving. If you are seeking to live a life of meaning and purpose, embodying your values and living your highest potential, you might find that the mainstream stories that surround you are guiding you in the opposite direction.

Stories are powerful because they speak directly to our subconscious mind and help us define what is possible. If we want to live with integrity and wholeness, we need stories that support our journey.

Blue Star 2 edited, smallStories of the Journey Home is about tapping into the inherent wisdom we all share, and creating stories that inspire us to live the life of our dreams, guiding us to a place where we will feel at home in ourselves, at home with one another and at home in the universe.

Leo’s stories offer a delicious way to reconnect with what matters most in our lives. They seem to arise out of the mystical heart of humanity, gently and kindly tapping our yearning for truth and leading us, with good humour, straight to the heart of our spiritual questions.

Danica Shoan Ankele, Program Director, WZEN.org

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