Your Stories

Intuitive Storytelling Training – Learn how to tell your own Intuitive Stories
If you are a healer or a coach, an actor or public speaker, an artist, author, storyteller or simply a story-lover, learning to tell your own intuitive stories can be a profound experience of developing your intuition, connecting to your inner guidance and opening up your creative flow. Read more about Intuitive Storytelling Training

Intuitive Storytelling for Parents – Becoming a font of stories for your children.
Learn to tell stories for your children that transmit your deepest values in a way that you will both enjoy. Create a space of quality connection in which you give them your full attention and share the language they understand best: the language of fairy tales. Read more about Intuitive Storytelling for Parents

Mentoring in Intuitive Storytelling – Beyond the basics
Once you have learned the basics of Intuitive Storytelling we can work ongoingly, developing your ability to use it in your work as a healer or therapist, or as a parent, or as a tool to develop your intuition, authentic presence, and creativity. Read more about Mentoring in Intuitive Storytelling.

My Stories

A Story for You – the power of mythological reflection
Would you like a story told exactly for you, for where you are at in your life? Stories can offer a unique form of reflection, helping us to see ourselves and our life situation in new ways, bringing insight and perspective that can change how we see and act. Read more about A Story for You

A Story for Your Group – for insight and transformation
Do you lead a team doing transformational work? Or are you organising an event which needs a story? Or perhaps a conference on a specific theme that you wish to address in multiple ways? I tell stories for groups on any theme. Contact me about A Story for Your Group